We were pilgrims to Washington. Since our first Washington harvest in 2005, we have embraced the state. In turn, the state has embraced us as kindred spirits of the Pacific Northwest.

We make wine for wine lovers, simple as that. These are artisan-crafted wines, affordable enough to enjoy every day. My family has always called this our business plan: Integrity. It works for us, and we will always work to bring you the very best.

We treat our wines with dignity and respect. We employ winemaking techniques usually reserved only for the smallest boutique wineries. We respect our vineyard partners, and let the quality of the grapes speak for themselves as we craft North by Northwest.

Ed King

Co-Founder & CEO of King Estate Winery 


We believe that the best, varietally true wines should be made with minimal intervention. All of our fruit is handpicked, hand sorted, and destemmed to ensure uncompromised flavor purity.






The North by Northwest Chardonnay is aged using gentle oak, while the Riesling is kept in stainless steel tanks to retain the fruit characteristics of the vineyard. We forgo malolactic fermentation on our whites in order to preserve the bright flavors inherent in the fruit. Low temperature fermentations further allow the fruit’s natural vibrancy to come through.






Our red wine program uses predominantly French oak from a variety of Bordelaise coopers. By using small closed- and open-top fermenters, we can keep more lots separate, giving winemaking increased control over the blending process. This attention to detail and commitment to doing it right has allowed these wines to retain a vivid sense of terroir.


220 to 1,800 feet in elevation and boasting 12,000+ planted acres, this AVA is famous for its bright fruit, bracing minerality and lively acidity. 


Washington’s first and largest AVA shares the same 46-degree latitude as Burgundy and Bordeaux. Warm days, crisp cool evenings and well-draining, sandy soils produce grapes with a perfect ripeness and acidity.


A diverse region with four soil types and a vast array of microclimates has earned this AVA a reputation for producing Cabernet Sauvignons and Syrahs of exceptional character and distinction.

 “So much of North by Northwest’s success is attributable to superior fruit sourcing. Since we started making North by Northwest in 2005, our great strength has been steadfast relationships with some of the region’s best vineyard owners. Over the years, we’ve selected the ‘best of the best’ fruit from the region, and never cut corners on quality.

- Kevin Sommelet





From 10,000 B.C. to 1945 A.D. all agriculture was organic.

We owe the future.



The King family commitment to sustainability drives everything we do from grape to glass.

Much like the vineyards we partner with in Oregon, many of our North by Northwest vineyard partners are Salmon Safe, LIVE certified and subscribe to a sustainable farming ethic. These minimum input practices consist of extensive composting, biodynamic farming, and technologies including advanced drip irrigation systems to monitor and control soil moisture to augment vine development. All of these practices work together to reduce the reintroduction of toxins back into the environment and ensure the quality of the land for generations to come.

 The fruit for our Walla Walla series comes from the very best vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley AVA.

Each vineyard we partner with shares our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The Columbia Valley AVA is renowned for the ability to grow high quality fruit in an area of unique terroir.

North by Northwest Columbia Valley wines are fruit driven, flavorful and aromatic, with balanced structure.